How we keep our marriage FUN & Thriving

How we keep our marriage FUN & Thriving
January 25, 2018 admin
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How do we keep our marriage fun and thriving? DATE NIGHTS! Y’all, marriage is hard! If you’re married and reading this then you already know that! We added 4 kids in 5 years to our family so that right there is just crazy! Our life is busy to say the least. But it doesn’t matter how busy we are, it’s important for us to be intentional to maintain our marriage.

When I was pregnant with my first baby I got a lot of advice. However, the one that I remember well and keep in the front of my mind doesn’t even have anything to do with having a baby! My sweet Aunt Bonnie, who has 5 boys of her own, told me that Matt and I always need to keep each other first. Take time out for one another and schedule date night.  She stressed that it could even just be a quick coffee date to get out and get time to reconnect with each other. Turns out that this small piece of advice she gave us over seven years ago has been vital to our marriage and remains at the top of our list.

Both of our families live way too far to come down to rescue us when we are going absolutely crazy living in a house that at times seems run by the tribe that we have created! Therefore, we decided that we are looking at babysitting as an investment, not an expense. We tell ourselves that the money we spend on babysitters is worth it! Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our kids and we actually enjoy the craziness because it means it’s pretty fun. But let’s be honest, we need time away. Time to reconnect, time to focus, time to actually just be quiet and still. Sometimes our date nights are dinner and coffee. Sometimes it’s a concert and other times it’s shopping. Yes,y’all, my man likes to shop! How fun is that?! Below is a picture from Charming Charlie’s- he told me to pick out some jewelry and sunnies!


Jesus. Grace. Date night. It’s what every marriage needs!

We also both speak Spanish fluently and have Hispanic blood running through our veins so often times Matt will find an authentic Hispanic restaurant to try out in Houston. We love it! Last summer we caught a worship concert in Spanish and had a blast. In fact, dates where we are able to use our Spanish are probably our favorite! Maybe it’s because we met in Spanish class in college 🙂 .

There have also been times that we have put the kids to bed early to have date night at home. Our favorite thing to do is make a meat, cheese and cracker tray and catch up on some of the shows on our DVR. Games are also good options to a date night at home! The point is that it doesn’t have to be fancy. It simply has to be time that is carved out for just the two of you.

I challenge you to plan at least one date night in the next month. Schedule that babysitter and don’t think about the cost. Make a reservation for that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Go sit down and enjoy your coffee across from the love of your life without any distractions.  Pick out your favorite snacks and movie and have a date night on the couch! You can even sign up for a marriage retreat. It’s not hard, it’s just taking the initiative and making it a priority for your relationship. Bring back some FUN and watch your marriage thrive!

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