Leap of faith

Leap of faith
November 15, 2017 admin
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Hi y’all! Welcome to my very first blog post! I know, I know, everyone is writing a blog these days! And chances are you just can’t add one more “read” to your list. I get it….neither can I.  I promise to keep it short and easy to read. The overall purpose of this blog is to have a place where we can write about marriage content, provide marriage resources and also for y’all to get to know the family behind Union28. So I will jump right in and tell you about the leap of faith it took for Matt and I to dive into this whole business world.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend, LT, sent me a message via Facebook asking for prayer as she and her husband had just made the decision to sell their business. A business they created from the ground up in 2007. A business she ran faithfully out of her home. A business that was her baby. As hard as it was for them to let it go she knew it was best as she and her husband would be moving out of the country. She asked that I pray for her and to also let her know if I found someone who would be interested in buying the business. I thought about it for a second and I wrote back, “I wish I could buy it!”. I said it in passing, partly joking, but yet serious. I had worked for her filling orders, doing customer emails and running things as she and her husband lived abroad for 9 months. I loved Union28 and it’s mission! She told me to talk to my husband, Matt, and let her know if we wanted to look at the paperwork. I chuckled as I immediately texted Matt to ask if he wanted to buy LT’s business. His response was no shock to me: “LOL no.” You may think that that was the end of it, but his little response sparked a lot of discussion and prayer over the next couple of weeks.

After we let our parents in on this possibility and continued to talk there was really so much back and forth. I was very excited about the possibility and Matt would kind of bring me back down to earth! To be honest, I was getting quite frustrated by that! One day as I was cleaning up, I found a folded piece of paper in our bedroom by Matt’s side of the bed. I opened it to see his “list” of pros and cons. I say “list” because it was no list at all! One pro, two cons! REALLY!? Come on! I thought we talked about a lot more than those three things! So the next morning I made my own list of pros and cons- color coordinated- and somehow found a way to make any con on my list into a pro. By the time I was finished I had a whole sheet of paper front and back, full! But no matter how pretty my list looked or how much it made sense to me I was reminded of one detail I promised myself at the beginning of this business discussion. I would not do anything or push it too far if Matt was not 100% on board. It was essentially going to be my “baby”, but I knew I would need his support and help- and I wanted his help! He has a high stress job so he didn’t needed another one. However, I thought it would be fun to do much of this together. After a lot of prayer and counsel we both decided to go for it!

2015 ended up being a big year for us as we added two babies to our family: Union28 Marriage Apparel in February and Kennedy Nora Glaze in June. There were many people that were concerned we were taking on too much. I already had 3 small children at home, we were (and still are) the directors of the ESL program at church, women’s bible study leader, running to soccer practice/games and then we were going to add a business and another baby to the mix (making that 4 kids in exactly 5 years). Yes, it ended up being a leap of faith- a crazy leap of faith! Neither of us had any business experience! But, we have some special friends and family members that have walked beside us and mentored us through the process. It has not been easy and we are walking in faith and trusting God as we go through the ups and downs of owning a business…which is a whole other blog post for another time!

As a thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog post I’d like to offer a code that’s good for $5 off your order PLUS free shipping! Just use code THANKS at checkout! Code good through Sunday, November 19th.

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  1. LT 2 years ago

    Oh friend – I know very well the challenge and excitement that you embarked upon when you took on Union28. From the beginning our goal was to bless and encourage marriages and if people wanted to buy a fun marriage tee in the process, then great! But I know the time and prayer and energy and gut-wrenching emotion that goes into running your own business and I’m so proud of you. You and Matt already had a heart for marriage and I know that Union28 will excel as you continue to exemplify a Godly marriage and encourage other couples in theirs. Praying and cheering for you!

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      Thank you!!! Your cheers, prayers and support mean the world to me!! Love you!! 🙂

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