Marriage Links

   Invest in something with HIGH returns:  your MARRIAGE!

We all invest in something. We choose how we invest our time, money,
emotions, and energy. 
What does your investments portfolio look like?
Is your spouse, your marriage, at the top of the list? 
Here are a few
investment ideas for your marriage:

Want some encouragement and guidance in loving your wife?
Check out this Article! (Scroll to bottom of page)
Your and your wife’s marriage will be blessed!
Husband: The High Calling of God

Want accountability for how you speak about/to your husband?
Check out this Challenge!
Yours and your husband’s marriage will be blessed!
30-Day Challenge for Wives

Husbands & Wives:
Want  increased intimacy in your marriage?
Check out this website!
Your marriage will be blessed as you receive wisdom & encouragement
on how to grow closer!
The Intimate

Husbands & Wives:
Want a great marriage resource?
Check out the great wisdom and advice offered by Pastor Tom Nelson!
Song of Solomon Study