Product FAQ

Are all of your shirts made from the same material?
We make sure to find apparel that is high quality and super soft! Each t-shirt may vary slightly but for the most part we pick polyester/cotton blends to minimize shrinkage and for that extra softness! You will find garment details on each product page.

I See an Outline of a Square on my garment; is the garment faded or will it wash out?
The “square” you see on the front of your tee is made when the design is applied to the shirt: it’s from the heat and weight of the press which ensures a crisp application.  The “square” disappears when washed the first time.

Can I give my spouse a Shout Out on UNION28’s Website?
In a brief sentence or two, tell us why your spouse rocks! We will choose from entries submitted to be placed on the Shout Outs page of the UNION28 website from time to time. Send your Shout Out to and put “Shout Out” in the subject. We will include only the first names of you and your spouse. (Example: “My husband makes the best French toast and every Saturday morning he relieves me of breakfast duty.”  To Brian, From Jenny)

How often do New Designs come out and can I be notified?
Frequency of new designs will depend on many variables….Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive updates of new products/designs. (UNION28 does not sell or disclose any personal information, including email addresses.)

Can I be added to the UNION28 Mailing List?
Absolutely! Just enter your email in the box at the bottom of our homepage and you’ll receive updates of new products/designs. (UNION28 does not sell or disclose any personal information, including email addresses.)

Do you have a sizing guide for your t-shirts?
Yes! Please refer to the sizing details on each product page. If you want more sizing details please don’t hesitate to send an email ( and we would be happy to assist you further.

How do I best Care for my UNION28 Marriage Apparel?
You can give your UNION28 Tee some lovin’ by following the care instructions on each individual garment.  Because all washers & dryers vary, it’s best to wash in cold/warm and dry on low heat.  Do not use bleach. Shirts may shrink slightly. Do not dry clean. Do not iron decoration/screen-printed area.

Are UNION28 Tees Available for Wholesale or Group Rates?
YES!  If you are interested in carrying UNION28 Marriage Apparel in your store or place of business, or if you would like UNION28 Marriage Apparel to be made available for purchase at your conference or event, please send an email to: and we will provide you with further information.

Why does my spouse want me to wear my UNION28 Tee ALL the time?
Public praise and recognition is a great way to reaffirm to your spouse, and the world, that you feel like you scored big in your choice of your marriage partner. No wonder your wife/husband wants you to wear your UNION28 Tee all the time; she is the object of your praise! So give your spouse the gift of recognition. Let your sweetie know that, faults and all, you think she/he rocks! Then watch the respect grow and the love flow!

Why are strangers asking me about my UNION28 Tee?
This is a rare phenomenon which only occurs when someone’s curiosity is greater than their reserve. And the sight of someone conveying positive feelings / a positive message about their spouse in today’s world provokes high levels of wonder and intrigue. Whether their remarks are humorous or serious, take the opportunity to publicly praise your sweetie! You never know what seed of healing or encouragement you may be sowing into someone’s life or marriage!

Why does wearing my UNION28 Tee make me feel happy?
Nagging, criticism, and harsh words are “death” to any relationship. But giving praise and affirmation always adds LIFE! The happy feeling comes from the fact that, regardless of who’s wearing the UNION28 Tee, there is life being presented into your marriage, and that’s a big reason to smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
CAUTION: If, in the middle of relishing a warm fuzzy moment while wearing your UNION28 Tee, your happy state is interrupted by a cold prickly from your spouse, don’t despair! Practice giving life! Forgive quickly, love unconditionally, and communicate lovingly. By your actions and reactions you can reaffirm to your spouse that he/she is loved, despite the occasional cold prickly. I don’t profess “my husband rocks” because he’s perfect. I profess “my husband rocks” because he is a blessing from God to me and I choose to love him for who he is and who God is making him to be. What a privilege! What an honor! What a man!