Here’s a chance to let your spouse shine!  Go ahead and brag a little;
we want you to

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“I want to shout out to my husband, Jared. After all the mistakes we have made together after seven and a half years of marriage – we are learning that the sweetest union and strongest bond we have ever known is finally ours after forgiving and forgetting, instead of harboring bitterness and resentment for mistakes we have made. He is my lone beacon in a sea of insanity. Where would I be without you? Out to sea with no shore in sight. You keep me anchored in our union and in Christ. I love you… YOU ROCK!”
To Jared, From Stephanie
“My husband is amazing because he truly loves me!  I look at him and smile.  I think about him and my heart warms.  He is a man who has been through so much in his life and yet is still capable, able and willing to love me.  He makes marriage fun; I appreciate and greatly love being his wife.  This is what God had in mind when he created union between man and woman, a love like ours.  I am married to a fantastic man.  Thank you, God, for blessing me so.”
To Dwayne, From Shamara

“My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me.  God truly blessed me with a wonderful Hubby.  He sure turned my life around.  Our 1-year anniversary is coming up next month and I just wanted to say how much I love you, my handsome Chepe!”
To Jose, From Amber

“I waited for my husband for almost 34 years and I’m so glad I did.  God brought the most wonderful helpmate to encourage me and support me in everything I do.  He treats me with respect and loves me unconditionally.  My favorite part about my husband is his willingness to accept those things about me that could potentially drive him crazy.  So to my husband I say, ‘YOU ROCK’!”
To Colby, From Julie

“My husband deserves a HUGE SHOUT OUT for serving his country overseas for the third time!  We’ve been married for 15 years and have four children, three boys and one daughter who is going to be three, and this deployment has been the hardest one for him.  Sending this shout out to advertise our LOVE and APPRECIATION for all that he does for his country and for his family is just one small way we can honor him while he cannot be with us!
To My Husband, From Deborah

“My husband really does rock!  We’ve been through the ugliest stuff you could ever imagine.  We’ve both had to learn to forgive, to stay commited to our vows and to remain in prayer for our marriage and for each other.  God IS faithful and I’m so thankful for the husand He has given me.  He’s more the man of my dreams now than the day we met.  People can grow and change, so don’t give up on each other.  Start with yourself and the changes that need to take place in you.  BTW,  ‘Love & Respect’ is an excellent resource.”
To Jo, From Lisa

“My Husband Rocks because he is the most wonderful, loving, caring man in the world.  When I’m down, he lifts me up.  He is my best friend, my lover, my prince.  I can’t imagine what my life would be without My Husband.  I am forever his bride.”
To Scott, From Andrea


“I’ve always known that God placed my husband in my life…I thank God everyday for my husband, my best friend, my lover, my joy. He has opened my eyes to many new things in life and has taught me many more. Most of all he’s taught me the virture of patience. I am very blessed to be showered by his forgiveness, patience and love everyday. I THANK GOD for My Husband.”
To Rasheed, From Juelis

“My Husband Rocks! He tells me every single day how much he loves me and gives me the most amazing compliments! I love you Jay!”
to Jason, from Jenni

“Greg has been my best friend for more than 30 years. He also happens to be the best person I know. I love and admire my husband because he shows us all, everyday, what it means to be generous, loving, and selfless. He lives life with so much joy! It is wonderful to walk through life with him. Thanks, Honey!”
to Greg, from Johanna

“My husband is the best! He not only talks the talk of integrity and godliness, but he walks the walk. He has a servant’s heart. He does EVERYTHING for me to show me his love for me everyday. He will do whatever it takes for our family…unemployed – not a problem, he just starts his own business and earns a living. The best thing about RD is that he loves me like Christ loves the church!”
to RD, from Teresa

“I am proud to call my husband my own. Not only is he handsome and smart, but he loves God and loves his family. I am very thankful that he loves me unconditionally and regularly shows it in so many different ways. He truly completes me as my better half!”
to Paul, from Christa

“My husband rocks because… every Friday he provides dinner (out or in) so I don’t have to cook after a long week! My husband rocks because… he does the dishes! My husband rocks because… he opens my door! My husband rocks because… he is hard-working! My husband rocks!”
to Don, from Cara

“I just wanted to give a shout out to my awesome wife Rachel. We are walking through some challenging times and my wife is what God spoke of in Genesis. She is more than my partner and those days where my walk becomes so difficult, she is always in my corner rooting me on and even taking some punches for me. I love her dearly and give praise to my Father for allowing me to have her.”
to Rachel, from Chris

“My husband Nicholas definitely rocks! He’s so good to me – he helps around the house, takes the kids to dance and ball practive, he takes me out on “surprise dates” and never forgets to say he loves me. He spoils me rotten! He’s my best friend. And, he’s a great dad. My kids are really lucky to have him too. Thanks Nicholas, for all you do for all of us! You rock!!”
to Nicholas, from Memori

“IT’S YOU who told me I could even when I felt I couldn’t!  IT’S YOU who sees the best in me!  IT’S YOU that I yearn to see in the morning.  IT’S YOU who makes me smile and laugh even when I don’t want to.  IT’S YOU whom I was made to love!  IT’S YOU I would give up anything for!  IT’S you who holds me close.  I am so thankful to have such a blessed husband to call my own; you are so charming and supportive!  Thank you for being my number one fan.  I love you!”
to Cody, from Christine

“Ray rocks because he rescued my soul from dark despair, showing me that men do exist who will comfort, honor, love, and adore their women.  You made me believe in you, but even more important, you gave the gift of love back to me and the boys.  I love you!”
to Ray, from Betty

“My Wife is: my lover, my comfort, my encourager, my hand-holder, my snuggles, my cheerleader, my dependant, my prayer warrior, and my best friend.  Your daughter and I love you dearly!  May God bless you always!”
to Bethany, from Josh & Eliah

“My husband is so wonderful that I say, ‘If my son turns out to be half the man my husband is, I will be happy.’  So far I’m smiling.”
to Chris, love Dawn

“My husband is the most amazing person I have ever met; with one look he can still send me over the moon!  We’ve been together for almost 23 years and he is still the person that I want to spend every minute with, share every thought with and love forever.  We have beautiful twin girls that absolutely adore him.  He is our Prince Charming and my gift from God.  Forget “Fairy Tales”…I love my “God’s Tale.”
to Todd, from Christine

“My husband is my hero.  He’s a deputy and every day he puts his life on the line to serve others.  He gives me strength, and my heart flutters whenever I stop to think about him!”
to Tony, from Jessica

“My husband is the most wonderful man.  He has a brilliant mind, is ruggedly good-looking and hilarious.  He makes me laugh when I don’t even want to smile.  He loves me unconditionally even when I’m not being the most lovable.  He makes me a better person, friend, and wife.  I thank God every morning and night for him.  I love you more than words, Baby.”
to Joseph, from Tiffany

“My husband makes me laugh, is the best hugger I know, cooks wonderfully, and finds so many ways to serve me and show me love.  I love him more every day!
to Chris, from Kara

“Through numerous rough roads and four kids later, my husband and I have only had two fights in fourteen years.  Our home is filled with laughter and he is a wonderful dad.  He has the best singing voice I’ve ever heard, he’s very romantic, and he still pounces me from around the corner.  He lives to encourage me as well as others.  He continues to honor God with his faithfulness and in loving his wife as Christ loves the Church.”
to Steve, love Melissa

“Six years ago when I married my husband, I never would have guessed how he would fill our home with laughter.  He gives me the greatest gift every day – the gift of joy.”
to Matt, from Jen