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One of the great and wonderful mysteries of life is that loving each other in action–what we do and say–produces romance.  Everything in our culture today teaches the opposite, that romance turns into love, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Love is a choice and we decide how we’re going to treat each other in the good and in the not-so-good times.  What a hope-giving reality that a strong, loving, thriving relationship can be built, simply by changing how we interact with our spouse. It is our mission to encourage marriage relationships, to communicate a positive image of marriage and to honor the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a husband and his wife in a fun and stylish way. Marriage was created to be a blessing and a little kindness, selflessness, and respect goes a long way.  Accept the fact that your spouse isn’t perfect and then start taking notice of all the good things they bring to the table!  Pretty soon you can train your mind to be grateful for who they are as opposed to feeling disappointed about who they are not.  When you allow yourself to believe that your spouse rocks, you will free yourself from the downward spiral and temptation of self-pity, disappointment, and even despair.  The fact is, your spouse is probably a greater blessing than you allow yourself to realize…so lay down your expectations and praise your spouse for his/her attributes.  After all, the key is to change yourself!  And you’ll be surprised at the positive affect it has on the one you choose to love…and you! We pray that you and your spouse are blessed beyond measure and we thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you enjoy the shirts, enjoy life, and choose to love. You, your spouse, your family, and your marriage are worth it!

Some Fun Facts About Us

With two soccer-obsessed, pool-lovin’, high energy, sweet, loving, compassionate, comical boys (8 yrs, 7 yrs) that keep us on our toes during the day, one bow and tutu-wearing, purse-loving, precious, kind, full-of personality 5 year-old girl and one go-with-the-flow, yet spicy 3 year-old girl our days, our nights and our family run on the Grace of God!

Children (Okay it's really just 4 but some days it seems like 400)

Coffee Cups consumed in a day

Wonderful and Exciting Years of Marriage

What Seems Like Loads of Laundry Every Week

Meet the Team

Matthew and Jaclyn met and fell in love in college at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. They were married in 2006 and hit the ground running, while Matt finished up his training to be an Air Traffic Controller and Jaclyn began her first high school Spanish teaching job at Shakopee High School. In the summer of 2008 they made the move away from friends and family in Minnesota to the great state of Texas, as Matt got a job at the Houston Air Traffic Control Center. It has been an adventure and in the 8 years they’ve been in Houston they’ve had 4 kids, Jaclyn changed careers to be a stay-at-home mom, become active in their church by taking on the role of directors of the ESL program and own a business that they hope encourages others in their marriages.

Carter, Carson, Kinley, Kennedy- Project Managers

Resident project managers keep their parents busy with all their ideas for the business! Carter and Carson are still hoping to come out with a soccer shirt, however, they are so busy with 1st and 3rd grade they haven’t had time to design. Kinley is begging her mommy to come up with a bling shirt! She and her sister like to make sure shirts are folded perfectly and if they are not, they pull them off the shelf and insist each one be refolded!